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Gillian Saunders-Smits

Passionate Lecturer in the Robot Dynamics group at the Cognitive Robotics Department, Mechanical Engineering, TU Delft. Aerospace Engineer, and Avid Engineering Education Researcher and Curriculum Developer. Loves working in teams in which no idea is deemed impossible and in which all contributions are welcome, providing students come first!

SEFI 2024
Annual Conference
Lausanne, Switzerland
Paper Deadline: 8 April 2024
Conference: 2 - 5 S
eptember 2024
Science and Systems Conference 2024 

Delft, 15 - 19 July 2024 


Our LDE-CEL MOOC: Multidisciplinary Research Methods for Engineers is back as self-paced!
Enrolment now on edX!

Course is open!
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