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My Courses

Within Mechanical Engineering I am involved as a project lecturer for the first two projects for the first year BSc ME students, Statics Instructor in BSc ME, as well as coordinating the interfaculty Next Generation Robotics Bachelor Honours Track Programme, co-teach the MSc Robotics Multi-disciplinary Project as well as continuing my involvement in my MOOCs which are now also available as OCW.  

Over the past 20 years, I have taught and developed many courses, both on-campus and online, for Aerospace Engineering, and more recently also for the Leiden-Delft-Erasmus Centre for Education and Learning, many in collaboration with great colleagues.  There is nothing more motivating than to work with (young) people willing to learn! 

I am a firm believer that teaching should be inclusive, active, engaging, and in context and prepare students for their future careers in whichever direction they choose to go.

MOOC: Multidisciplinary Research Methods for Engineers


Engineering is no longer limited to working in a single domain; today's engineers increasingly work in multidisciplinary fields. This MOOC on edX, created in collaboration with LDE-Centre of Education and Learning, helps starting researchers carry out all stages of multidisciplinary research using appropriate research methods. This MOOC is also available as OCW 

MOOC: Introduction to Aerospace Structures and Materials


In this edX MOOC, learners explore the structural and material design of aircraft and spacecraft from the viewpoint of an aerospace engineer. Together with colleagues from the ASM department, an interactive, hands-on learning experience has been created to truly experience materials and structures engineering in aerospace. This MOOC is also available as OCW.

OCW: Research Methodologies

Research methods.jpg

I created and taught this course until 2021. This course, then mandatory for all MSc students in Aerospace, introduces students to principles of scientific research and the accompanying research methods in preparation for their MSc Thesis Research. The course was taught online to aid students who are doing their thesis research off-campus and is still available as OCW.

Past courses & Design projects


In the past, when working at Aerospace Engineering, I have also taught Engineering Mechanics: Statics and Mechanics of Materials for more than 10 years,  Aircraft Performance I and II for BSc students and coordinated and taught all BSc Aerospace Design Projects as well as supervised BSc Capstone Projects: Design Synthesis Exercise. At Mac level I have taught Research Methodologies, Ethics, and Industry Best Practice and served as MSc Track Coordinator.

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